About the Bytnar farm

The Przemysław Bytnar Breeding Farm of Ducks and Geese is located in the town of Tłokinia Wielka, near Opatówek. In our offer we have a wide range of all kinds of poultry. You can find here, among other things one day and reared white geese (Kołudzkie) and grey geese, Pekin white ducks, Pekin colored ducks and Mulard ducks. All the birds on offer are kept in the best conditions that meet the highest standards. In particular, we recommend Mulard ducks and geese.

In our farm:

  • Delivery in Poland and the European Union.
  • Wholesale trade with delivery.
  • Retail on-site / in the office.
  • 25 years of experience.

The possibility to sale-off of breeding stocks after the breeding season (July).